Watch Now: Nationals GM Doesn't Hold Back On MLB, Summer Camp (1:17)

MLB "Summer Camp" started at the beginning of July, a major step in the return to baseball in the country. The league plans to resume on July 23 but has already seen some issues regarding the coronavirus.

Some COVID-19 tests have not been processed yet, causing the Houston Astros, Washington Nationals, Oakland Athletics and Los Angeles Angels to cancel their workouts because they do not feel safe.

David Samson discusses what is currently happening in MLB on his podcast "Nothing Personal with David Samson" and says the teams were right to cancel for safety reasons.

He calls out the "total mass chaos and disorganization," but notes that there would always be issues with a return during the pandemic.

Players and GMs have called out the league for the mishaps. Sean Doolittle said too much attention was paid to the economic agreement and negotiations so the health issues were not properly taken into account. He said not enough planning was done.

Samson says:

"Did anyone actually think that the 101-page health and safety protocol items that they would be followed without a hitch, with perfection and by everyone? What kind of delusion were you, were anybody under, that these hiccups would not occur? Do you think it's all going to work perfectly when the NBA gets back in the bubble?"

The podcast host says the only guarantee with the "summer camp" was the hiccups that would come.

"And for players who don't realize that or who think the risk is greater today than it was yesterday or the day before have missed the point on the original assumption of risk," Samson said. "By agreeing to a 60-game schedule and agreeing to the health protocols everyone has assumed a very high level of risk."

When it comes to the season, there is no guarantee opening day will be as scheduled, all 60 games will be played or the playoffs will begin without being cut short.

"Why? Because the only thing that we have learned since this pandemic started is that we don't know what tomorrow brings," Samson explains.

He said for teams and players moving forward, they have to be ready for anything. 

"In order to embrace that you have to stay flexible. So if teams have to be pulled off the field and not workout, that's how it goes. If you have to play a doubleheader or stay an extra day or play one fewer game ... that's how it goes," Samson concluded.