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Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer star is known for partly his online presence. Bauer got into it on Twitter with New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard over the weekend as the two trolled each other, posted screenshots of comments and traded some social media barbs.

David Samson broke down the impact these online situations can have on the players and their teams on Monday's episode of "Nothing Personal with David Samson."

Samson, the former Marlins president, introduced the topic saying, "You know we sign these players, we want them to be good, we want them to perform, we want to win, we want rings. We sign players who we hope we're getting a bargain, we hope we're not overpaying too much, we hope winning the offseason translates to winning the season. We hope, we hope, we hope."

He said the Dodgers signed Bauer because they wanted to repeat, and that they had to answer to what the San Diego Padres did this winter. L.A. inked Bauer to a three-year, $102 million deal earlier this month. Samson says he gets it, but also says you have to really look at the player you're signing.

"It took a week for his Twitter and his social media presence to become an issue. That's it!" Samson exclaims, explaining the Twitter beef with Syndergaard.

The podcast host says that eventually, it has to go to someone higher up. "I want to tell you from a front office standpoint, at what point do we have to get involved?" he asks.

Samson says they would need to tell him that you don't want to provide bulletin board material to any other team.   They should explain they're not trying to muzzle or mute him, but ask if he will give them the "30-second rule," which is taking 30 seconds to review whether that is something good to tweet, Samson explained.

"Players have enough distractions right now," Samson says and adds that more distractions will come from this when the questions come at media availabilities.

"These types of distractions hurt a team, Samson concludes. "To me, Bauer's off to a bad start."