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On Wednesday, New York Yankees pitcher Corey Kluber threw a no-hitter against the Texas Rangers. It marked the second consecutive day in which an MLB pitcher tossed a no-hitter after Detroit Tigers starter Spencer Turnbull threw a no-hitter on Tuesday. 

The no-hitter spree caused Los Angeles Dodgers star Clayton Kershaw to weigh in, with the future Hall of Famer saying he doesn't think the drastic increase in no-nos is good for the game

During Thursday's installment of "Nothing Personal with David Samson," David Samson weighed in on Kershaw's comments regarding the frequency of no-hitters and whether something needs to change.

"The union does get involved. If owners are unhappy with something, they get together and try and change it. If players are unhappy with something, they get together and try and change it," Samson said. "If there's any intersection in the changes that are wanted by players and management, that becomes an easy part of a Collective Bargaining Agreement. Right now, they're so busy not trying to agree that even if owners say something, the players will say it has to be a trap. There could just be issue-checking going on."

Samson simply believes that the two sides will need to work together if they wanted to change the weight of these new baseballs and limit the potential for no-hitters.