Samson: Why Dodgers' Justin Turner was wrong to rip media's handling of Mookie Betts trade saga

The baseball world has been in limbo for the past several days regarding a potential blockbuster trade that would send star outfielder Mookie Betts to the Los Angeles Dodgers. The trade details were reportedly finally agreed upon on Sunday, but prior to that, Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner called out reporters for reporting trades before they are official, saying the reports can take a toll on players and their families.

In Monday's edition of "Nothing Personal with David Samson," host and former Marlins president David Samson pointed out that these trade details get leaked to reporters from various team sources.

"Tony Clark, take this opportunity right now, go to your players, and explain to them that during this round of collective bargaining, you are going to focus on economics," Samson said regarding Turner's comments. "You are going to focus on things that matter from the standpoint of the player's wallet. Not the player's comfort or making sure the players are happy every day because they know exactly where they're going to be and don't have to be in a state of limbo while eating great food in the clubhouse and flying charter."

Clark, the MLBPA president, did comment on the delay in the Betts deal last week, ripping the teams involved for keeping the players in a "state of limbo." Though the trade was first reported last Tuesday night, it was not finalized until Sunday after the Red Sox reworked the deal to obtain a different prospect.

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