MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Houston Astros

Los Angeles Dodgers reliever Joe Kelly appeared on teammate Ross Stripling's "The Big Swing" podcast this week and expressed his thoughts on the sign-stealing scandal involving the Houston Astros. Kelly -- who hit multiple Houston players and nearly started a benches-clearing brawl in a game earlier this month-- believes that the Astros players should've taken more of the grunt of the punishment for the scandal.

During Thursday's installment of "Nothing Personal with David Samson," David Samson disagreed with Kelly's comments and wanted the veteran reliever to come clean about everything that goes on in a Major League Baseball clubhouse.

"You're saying in your comments that it was the players talking that directly led to them losing their jobs and taking away their livelihood. It's just not what happened," Samson said. "If you want to be the voice of reason and you want to explain, why don't you take the microphone and get on your podcast. Why don't you tell us what the Dodgers and Red Sox did to steal signs? Why don't you tell us about the Apple Watch situation? Why don't you tell us why the Red Sox got in trouble? Tell us what the Dodgers do." 

Kelly was a member of the 2018 Red Sox. The team won the World Series, but after an investigation, MLB said Boston used its video replay monitor to decode opponents' signs.

Kelly also said on Stripling's podcast that he believes Astros players received immunity if they spoke up about the coaching staff's involvement in the sign-stealing scandal. Samson simply doesn't see the situation through the same eyes as Kelly and disagrees that the Astros players got a pass.