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Major League Baseball's trade deadline is set for July 30, so expect some notable names to be on the move in the next 10 days. David Samson broke down how the deadline works and what teams are doing leading up to the date on Tuesday's episode of "Nothing Personal with David Samson."

Samson explained that the first questions teams ask is "are we buyers or are we sellers?" While some teams may say they do not yet know which category they fall in, the podcast host says, "there is not one team in Major League Baseball today … that does not know if they are buying and selling," and that they've all known where they fit for some time.

Samson calls teams trying to sell the narrative that they're seeing how they fair in the next few games before deciding whether they'll buy or sell "horsehockey."

When you own a team you know exactly what you're doing, you just don't admit it because you feel it gives you a competitive edge, Samson says. They all know whether they can add payroll or whether they need to make cuts.

The next question teams ask is, "do we want pitching or do we want hitting?"

The podcast host explains that there is a depth chart, so just because you don't get the top hitter you want, that doesn't mean you shift and grab a pitcher, you just go to the next man on your chart.

What teams do is also used as PR for fans, to make them believe in the team and believe the front office is doing what is best for the franchise. If you end up making a big deal you tell fans "we had to pay a big price" so they think they're willing to pay a lot to win a championship. If they don't get who they want they say "we love the team we have we don't need anyone else," to spin it in a positive way.

Samson also explained that trades happen late because GMs play a game of cat and mouse.