On Monday's episode of "Nothing Personal with David Samson," David Samson discussed the New York Yankees current problems. The Yankees have stumbled out of the gate and currently have a 5-10 record, good for last place in the American League.

Samson says, "They're playing like a bunch of nobodies."

The podcast host also commented on manager Aaron Boone's strategy, saying he called a team meeting at the wrong time. He said calling a meeting after a loss to the Rays -- saying the team has to get better immediately -- should have come later.

Samson explains he would've had a team meeting after Saturday's game, before Gerrit Cole pitched on Sunday. Boone's Yankees had one on Friday instead.

"I love you AB, but you have to get more out of this team with this payroll," Samson said.

Samson says he would ask the team, "I have a question, do you care? Do you have any pride in your defense? Do you have any pride in coming to the park everyday and putting on pinstripes?"

Looking at the front office, Samson says if you sign a player based on how they did three years ago, you deserve every loss and every dollar you waste and the Yankees put together their rotation with that point of view, adding, "People are giving up on the Yankees."