The MLB playoffs are in full swing and in this very unique season, we are seeing an uptick on rookies making their league debuts. David Samson sat down on his podcast, "Nothing Personal with David Samson" to discuss what is happening with rookies in the playoffs and why so many are getting their first taste of the big leagues in October.

Samson said it all comes down to changes that have been made in the minor league system.

"Teams are gonna have fewer minor league teams associated with them, teams will therefore have fewer minor league players... more of the real prospects," he said. "When you call up your prospects, it's always based on service time, money... often based on perceived readiness."

With the addition of alternate training sites (ATS) instead of the minors this peculiar 2020 campaign, Samson believes team executives didn't have to rely on anyone in development for reports on prospects as much as usual. Executives can go back and forth in one day to see what is going on both at the ATS and what was happening at the big league camp.

"They had eyes on their minor leaguers and what was going on at those ATS," Samson said, adding they now have a better idea of what players are available to them.

This year there are also 28 players on the roster, rather than the typical 25. That helps the case for calling youngsters up as well.

"There is a unique opportunity for players who really have no experience to make the roster to be the 28th man," Samson said.

Looking long term, Samson says we really won't know the impact of what is happening with rookies and the minors until next season or the year after that.