Scioscia: 'We survived PEDs. This game will never survive gambling'

Earlier on Monday, ESPN's Outside The Lines reported evidence had been uncovered showing Pete Rose did indeed bet on baseball as a player during the 1986 season. He had previously said he only bet on baseball while managing.

Angels manager Mike Scioscia was asked about the latest Rose revelations on Monday evening. Here's what he had to say:

I agree with Scioscia here. Performance-enhancing drugs are very bad! It would be nice if players didn't do them, but they do, and as long as baseball is played, players will cheat to gain a competitive advantage.

Gambling and betting on performance is another matter, especially as a player, because the potential for throwing games comes into play. Baseball was almost destroyed by the 1919 Black Sox scandal. PEDs are a a blip on the radar comparatively.

Mike Scioscia believes gambling is worse than PEDs.
Mike Scioscia believes gambling is worse than PEDs. (USATSI)
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