The longest hitting streak in modern minor league baseball history was over. And then it wasn't.

Saturday night, Indians catching prospect Francisco Mejia went 0 for 4 with a walk and a strikeout to snap his hitting streak at an incredible 49 games. Mejia had a chance to extend the streak in the ninth inning, but he drew a walk.

A scoring change came to the rescue. After the game, the official scorer awarded Mejia with a double on a ball that was scored an error during the game, so the streak has now reached 50 games.

The 50-game hitting streak is the longest since the minors reclassified in 1963. It's the longest hitting streak by any player at any level since Roman Mejias hit safely in 55 straight games back in 1954.

Here are the longest known hitting streaks in organized baseball history, according to J.J. Cooper of Baseball America.

  1. Joe Wilhoit, 1919 Seattle Rainiers (Triple-A) -- 69 games
  2. Joe DiMaggio, 1933 San Francisco Seals (Double-A) -- 61 games
  3. Joe DiMaggio, 1941 New York Yankees (MLB) -- 56 games
  4. Roman Mejias, 1954 Waco Pirates (Class B) -- 55 games
  5. Otto Pahlman, 1922 Danville Veterans (Class B) -- 50 games
  6. Francisco Mejia, 2016 Lake County Captains and Lynchburg Hillcats (Class A) -- 50 games

Yes, DiMaggio holds two of the three longest known hitting streaks in organized baseball history. It's worth noting minor league record keeping is very spotty over the years, so it's possible other significant hitting streaks have slipped through the cracks. That said, hitting streaks of this caliber tend to generate significant attention.

Francisco Mejia's hitting streak is still alive. USATSI

Mejia actually scored the game-tying run in the ninth inning after drawing his walk, and the game went to extra innings. He did not get to bat again before the game ended, however, so he needed the scoring change to keep the streak alive.

If Mejia's name sounds familiar, it's because he was part of the package the Indians agreed to trade to the Brewers for Jonathan Lucroy before the deadline. Lucroy blocked the trade, so Mejia remained with the Indians. He's hitting .349/.379/.523 this season and is one of Cleveland's top prospects.

Mejia's hitting streak dates back to May 27. He is hitting .386/.414/.414/.599 with 15 doubles and eight home runs during the 50-game hitting streak.