Scott Boras: Yankees won't let Brian Cashman spend money

Brian Cashman and the Yankees were awfully quiet in Nashville. (AP)

For perhaps the first time in his tenure, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman has his hands tied by ownership, the Wall Street Journal reports.

According to the report, Cashman couldn't even make relatively minor offers to the likes of Jeff Keppinger or Eric Chavez. Only after meeting with ownership could Cashman make a one-year, $12 million offer to Kevin Youkilis.

However, what makes this story even more interesting is who the whistleblower is in this case, the one man who benefits the most from Yankees spending -- Scott Boras.

"He had indicated that right now, he's working with ownership on getting advance authority," Boras said, according to the Journal. "He really is not involved in a lot of dealing right now, but is doing due diligence to go back and meet with them about that."

Because it was Boras, one Yankees official tried to downplay the situation to the Journal, saying: "What does Scott Boras know? Are you kidding me?" 

The official went on to say the reason Cashman didn't make offers was because there were no players he wanted to make offers to in this market. Another official told the newspaper confirmed that Cashman was under tighter control over spending than in the past.

The Yankees want to get their payroll under $189 million by 2014 in order to not get hit with a luxury tax.

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