Sean Manaea didn't realize he was no-hitting the Red Sox until the eighth inning

Saturday night Oakland Athletics southpaw Sean Manaea twirled the first no-hitter of the 2018 season. He banked the molten-hot Boston Red Sox (OAK 3, BOS 0) and made it look easy across 108 pitches.

Manaea, however, did not realize he had a no-hitter going until the eighth inning. Shortstop Marcus Semien dropped a popup in shallow center field earlier in the game, and Manaea assumed it was scored a base hit. It was not. Semien was charged with an error. Here's the play:

After the game, Manaea told reporters it wasn't until he glanced at the scoreboard later in the game that he realized he was working on a no-hitter. Here he is talking about it during his postgame press conference:

Stories like this can be hard to believe -- dude, how do you not realize you're throwing a no-hitter?!? -- but I totally buy it. Pitchers get so locked in on their game plan and so zoned in during starts that it can be easy to shift focus after the dropped popup and begin thinking about the next hitter.

As for the play itself ... yeah, that's usually scored a base hit. It was not a routine play at all, and whenever an infielder is unable to make an over-the-shoulder catch like that, he's usually given the benefit of the doubt and not charged with an error. In this instance, Semien will happily take one for Manaea.

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