Shane Victorino leaves embattled ACES agency, which is under MLB investigation

Dodgers outfielder Shane Victorino became the first player to leave the embattled Levinsons' ACES agency, and people around baseball are wondering whether others will follow.

MLB and the union are investigating possible links to steroids and PEDs by the prominent Brooklyn-based ACES agency.

David Wright, Dustin Pedroia, Jonathan Papelbon and Josh Reddick are among the biggest stars in the Levinson stable, believed to be the second- or third-largest in baseball. Victorino's decision to leave was frst reported by Liz Mullen of Sports Business Journal. Victorino is a free agent after the year and will be expected to hire a new agent now.

Many of their other prominent ACES clients are believed to have been weighing whether to stay with the Brooklyn-based Seth and Sam Levinson. Baseball sources say the agency came into MLB's crosshairs when one of their employees, Juan Nunez, was said to have concocted a fake Internet ad in an effort to explain client Melky Cabrera's failed drug test.

MLB, which uncovered the Internet scam, also interviewed former ACES client Paul Lo Duca, who has said the Levinsons set him up to obtain PEDs from convicted drug dealer Kirk Radomski at a time Duca was looking to bolster his power numbers while with the Dodgers.

MLB is looking into the Levinsons' possible ties to Radomski and also whether they might have supplied former client Mike Stanton with HGH, as former trainer Brian McNamee testified in connection to the Roger Clemens case. But MLB is most closely looking at the Cabrera case, however, as that episode involves the most recent episode.

Nunza, a longtime ACES consultant or employee, has claimed he acted alone and spent his own $10,000 and that the Levinsons were not involved in the scam. MLB has been in touch with federal drug investigator Jeff Novitzky, who appears to be aiding their investigation.

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