So the Mets also tried to land Wil Myers

Was hard-hitting Wil Myers almost a Met? (Getty Images)

As the Internet has taught us, the Royals traded away outfielder Wil Myers, who's probably the top prospect in all of baseball, and other youngsters to the Rays in exchage for James Shields, Wade Davis and a secret player from parts unknown. Being as Myers is such a gifted pup, it stands to reason that other teams would scramble to land him. And, as Andy Martino of the New York Daily News reports, you can count the Mets among them.

If the Royals are (perhaps misguidedly) trying to contend in 2013, then it's understandable that they opted for what the Rays offered. But that's not a bad bid by Sandy Alderson and the Mets.

The upshot is when Myers goes on to conquer all that he surveys, not one but two blighted fan bases will be looking on in mounting regret.

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