So the Yankees are going to wear a patch to honor Derek Jeter

On Tuesday, the Yankees issued a media release detailing their plans to honor captain and shortstop Derek Jeter over the final month of his career. The highlight is "Derek Jeter Day" on Sept. 7. 

All of that is understandable, fitting, well-intentioned, merited and so forth. But then there's this:

As part of the day’s celebration, the Yankees will wear a patch depicting Jeter’s final season logo on the left sleeve of their uniform and cap. The patch will be worn by the team from September 7 through the end of the 2014 season.

All right. So there's a patch. Here it is ...

So as uniform add-ons go, the patch is typically something reserved for those, you know, among the departed. This is of course ultimately harmless, but it seems a touch ... excessive? Jeter's retiring. He's not crossing over or sailing across the seas into the Elvish netherworld like Frodo. He'll still be around and stuff. 

Still and yet, there will be a patch. So ... will Jeter himself wear the patch to honor his own still living self? Or will he be in the standard modest pinstripes while everyone else wears the patch to honor his totally not dead self? 

Whatever the case, there will be a patch. For Derek Jeter. Who's still alive and everything.

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