The Brewers had a big night Thursday, trading for outfielder Christian Yelich and signing outfielder Lorenzo Cain. The logjam of outfielders means they are most likely not done making moves this offseason, as trading outfield talent to land starting pitching is their most likely path forward. 

As things stand, though, the Brewers are a decent bet to make the playoffs, per SportsLine projections. 

The deals push the Brewers' projected win total to 86 (85.9) from 84 (84.1), so roughly two wins were gained in the deals, at least in terms of projections. 

The chances of winning the NL Central are still remote, compared to the Cubs, but improved to 13.45 percent from 10.08 percent. The 86 wins slots the Brewers fifth in the NL, however, so that means they would be the second Wild Card, should the projections pan out. They now have a 50.2 percent chance of making the playoffs, up from 41.16 percent. 

The figures will move, because there are still at least 15 needle-moving free agents available and perhaps the Brewers add one while also swinging a deal for a starter. 

As things stand now, though, the Brewers are in good shape as we head toward spring training.