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New Mets owner Steve Cohen has recently took to Twitter in an effort to get ideas from the team's fanbase as the franchise ushers in a new era. Cohen has interacted with Mets fans quite a bit, and received quite an interesting question on Thursday. A fan asked Cohen if he would ever consider paying the estimated $18 million that the Mets owe Bobby Bonilla in a lump sum payment. 

"Let's take a vote," Cohen wrote back to the fan. "How about we have a Bobby Bonilla day every year. Hand him an oversized check and drive a lap around the stadium. Could be fun."

As of right now, Bonilla receives $1.19 million every July 1 and will continue to receive that annual payment until 2035. The arrangement stems from when Bonilla had his contract bought out by the franchise in 2000.

Another fan came up with a different idea on how the Mets could celebrate "Bobby Bonilla Day," and Cohen seemed to enjoy that one just a little bit more. The fan wrote "Genius! And have a shirt giveaway that says 'Bobby Bonilla got a million dollars today and all I got was this shirt.'"

"That is a winner," Cohen replied to the fan.

It doesn't appear that Cohen is interested paying out the $18 million that the franchise owes Bonilla. Instead, Cohen wants to find some comic relief in the situation.