Surging Twins start off a big-test week with a win over Astros

The Twins are a fun team and thus far appear to be a good one. After beating the Astros, 1-0, on Monday night, the Twins now own a 17-9 record, have won eight of their last 10 and hold a 2 1/2 game lead in the AL Central. 

There is something that could be said as a detraction in their direction, but they have a chance to put those concerns to bed this week. 

That is to say, their performance to this point has included an awful lot of wins against poor teams. I mentioned wins in eight of their last 10 games? Yeah, six of those came against the Orioles

In all, the Twins are 10-0 against the Orioles, Royals and Tigers

The Blue Jays sit at exactly .500 with a 14-14 record. The Twins lost three of four to them. After Monday's loss, the Mets are also .500. The Twins split two games against them. 

The Phillies and Astros are good. Heading to Monday night, the Twins were 1-2 against each of those teams, respectively. 

We're left with just a series win over the Indians, two games to one, in the opening series of the season. 

As I said, if someone wanted to be a Twins Hater, all the facts are sitting right there. They are 17-9 with a 10-0 record against three teams expected to be part of the dregs of the American League. 

This week, though, the Twins have four games against the Astros and then three on the road against the Yankees. Even going 4-3 in a week with this schedule should turn heads, and what if the Twins go 5-2 or even 6-1? 

As Rachel Phelps said in "Major League," "that oughta shut these people up." 

Monday night was a great start. They were tasked with taking on Justin Verlander while also facing an offense that came in ranking first in the AL in average and on-base percentage and third in slugging. It's a lineup with stars such as Jose Altuve and Alex Bregman along with great players like Carlos Correa. Twins starter Jake Odorizzi (7 IP, 4 H, 0 ER, 1 BB, 7 K) was masterful while relievers Taylor Rogers and Blake Parker shut the door. 

The Twins have shown the ability through this first month to beat you in several different ways. They've had games where they just wouldn't stop hitting home runs but also have won some of these duels like we witnessed Monday night. 

They came into Monday leading the AL in slugging percentage and hit for a high average. They play good defense. The back end of the bullpen has been very good, even without the so-called traditional roles and Jose Berrios is a nice anchor to the rotation. Eddie Rosario leads the AL in homers, Nelson Cruz is an ageless beast, Jorge Polanco is having what could be a breakout season and Byron Buxton is hitting enough to call him an all-around star due to his elite defense and baserunning. How about Mitch Garver in a small sample of the man who puts everything in play, WIllians Astudillo

To reiterate, not only is this is a good team. It's a fun one, too. They already deserve more attention than they've been getting, but a good week against some of the titans of the AL and positive national attention would be long overdue. Let's keep a keen eye on these guys in the Twin Cities, all. They deserve to be watched and praised right now. 

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