Surreal Video: Miguel Olivo wants to be like Mike Tyson*

*But not in terms of biting ears

Heyman: Olivo bit off part of Guerrero's ear, per Guerrero's agent

Dodgers farmhands Miguel Olivo and Alexander Guerrero apparently got into an altercation in their own dugout Tuesday -- of which the big news was that Olivo bit off a part of Guerrero's ear, according to Scott Boras (Guerrero's agent).

With that in mind, this is unbelievable. In an interview this past spring training, Olivo said, in Spanish, "I would like to be a boxer like Mike Tyson but without biting an ear."

Here's the footage, which has gone viral Wednesday afternoon:

This is unbelievable. Even for those of us who don't speak Spanish, it's pretty clear that's what Olivo was laughing about after he said "Mike Tyson."

This seems to be one of those situations where someone might say something like, "you just can't make this stuff up." I'd say you can make it up, but no one would believe it was real.

Only this is real. Olivo specifically said he'd never bite someone's ear and now has been alleged to have done so just a few months later. Eerie.

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