Team president says Marlins going to playoffs in 2014

Marlins president David Samson has some things to say -- foolish things. (USATSI)
Marlins president David Samson has some things to say -- foolish things. (USATSI)

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The Marlins recently passed on scheduling a concert at their silly ballpark for October 2014. Why? Because that's when playoff baseball is played.

Here, courtesy of Juan C. Rodriguez of the South Florida Sun Sentinel, is what team president David Samson, has to say about all of that ...

"I promise you this: We're not going to lose 100 games next year, not close. Look what the Red Sox did. They had the same record we did in '12 (69-93). They turned it around to be in the World Series in '13. It's time for us to do the same. That's why we didn't book that concert in October (2014). Why would we ever book something when we should be and will be playing playoff games?"

The "we're not going to loss 100 games next year" part is quite emphatic, so that seems to be airtighest of airtight guarantees issuing forth from the gaping maw of Mr. Samson. Still, he does say "will be playing playoff games" in the form of a rhetorical interrogative, which, in this world and all others, is tantamount to a guarantee. So the Marlins are going to the playoffs next year, to hear at least one member of team brass tell it. 

For what it's worth, the Marlins this season went a foul-smelling 62-100 and finished 28 games out of playoff position.

Guarantee from someone not a member of team brass: The Marlins will not be going to the playoffs in 2014.

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