Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow won't work out for teams until Tuesday in Los Angeles, but he's already gotten an offer from a team.

There's a catch -- it's not from one of the many interested major-league teams:

For those not in know, Águilas del Zulia is a Venezuelan professional team with a name inspired by a beer label. (Really.)

Is Tebow likely to accept the offer? Almost certainly not -- if he were going the indy or international-ball route, you would think he would've already been there. (Note: Apparently Tebow does have interest in playing winter ball, so fair enough.) Is this probably just a PR stunt? Mmmhm. Did it work? Uh, yup. So well played, folks.

Tebow can only hope his showcase draws as many eyes as his name does. After all, there will be roughly 20 teams in attendance for his workout.