Terrible fan shirt of the day: Troy 'Hurtawusski'

Everyone, prepare your facepalms (hat-tip to Rockies blog Purple Row):

Oh, wait, he's always "hurt" and that makes him a "wuss." I totally get it, Mr. Creative Fan!

On one hand, yes, Troy Tulowitzki's injury woes are probably fair game. Whether it's due to him being fragile or unlucky, he's played more than 126 games in a season just once since 2009. He only managed 47 in 2012 and 91 this season. When you're a high-profile star with such injury issues, fans are always gonna latch onto that. It's part of the job. So the "Hurt" part, OK. I get that.

On the other hand ...

1. Dude, you are an adult and you spent money to have a custom made jersey say that?

2. The "wuss" part. OK then. Let's dream book a cage match between a 6-foot-3, 215-pound, age-29 power hitter and this dude. I don't even have to know this dude to say I'm betting heavily on Tulo within two minutes.

Average Joes really have to stop acting like they are tougher than stud professional athletes. We aren't. No, seriously, we really, really aren't tougher. Not even close. No, please just stop. We aren't close.

Obviously, this fan has every right to custom make and wear the shirt, though. That's the beauty of our country. Rock on, Mr. Hurtawusski.

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