Terry Collins: Jordany Valdespin would be getting plunked in old days

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In the ninth inning of an eventual 7-3 loss to the Pirates, the MetsJordany Valdespin and his perfect surname launched an impressive upper-deck blast. Since it cut the margin to 7-2, though, it was not a terribly important homer as these things go. Mr. Valdespin, though, reacted as though it was quite the difference-maker. Witness:

OK, that's nothing too egregious to my eyes, but I'm admittedly not a hard-liner when it comes to such flourishes. The reality, though, is that baseball in the main frowns upon anything but "head down, stride determinedly brisk" when it's a home run in an obvious losing cause. In the booth, Mets color commentator Ron Darling voiced this perspective quite plainly ...

As for Mets manager Terry Collins, he can safely be described as adhering to the Ron Darling way of thinking, as this tweet from MLB.com's Anthony DiComo makes clear ...

I'm sure you join me in sensing some barely concealed displeasure in Collins' words -- displeasure not at the prospect of seeing Valdespin plunked but rather displeasure at Valdespin's breach of decorum.

I'm guessing if the Pirates opt for some low-grade street justice against Valdespin, Collins won't be inclined to escalate matters. Of course, this being something other than 15 years ago, nothing may come of it.

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