Many non-wrestling fans even recognize Randy "Macho Man" Savage. The late, great (then) WWF and WCW superstar was legitimately famous nationwide during his run. It was 30 years ago that WWF decided to thrust him into the spotlight as the heavyweight champion and CBS Sports' Denny Burkholder has an excellent story on that front

Relating this to baseball, Savage's real name was Randy Poffo and he was actually a minor-league baseball player. Here's his Baseball-Reference player page. Another -- and quite hilarious -- baseball connection? Check out this article by Hal McCoy from the Dayton Daily News, circa Sept. 22, 1989: 

Savage was rocking his purple and gold tights, and Eric Davis is the player named in the story who was flexing. Marge Schott, the Reds owner, sent a message with her nephew to kick Savage out and at first, broadcaster Marty Brennaman refused. 

Davis, meantime, publicly complained about the actions of Schott.

"Macho Man is a celebrity," he said. "If it had been somebody from pet control Schott wouldn't have minded."

"She says she wants to entertain the fans and then she deprives them of this?"

Schott wasn't exactly a good owner. She feuded with players and management often and was punished by MLB in the late '90s for a series of racist comments. 

But, hey, let's focus on the good here. Macho Man was at a Reds game, Eric Davis flexed, a terrible owner got angry and ejected Macho Man from the game! That's fun.