The All-Christmas name team

The All-Christmas team's defensive alignment.

Just as we did with the All-Thanksgiving Team, it's time to now check out the official Eye on Baseball All-Christmas team. Please take note you won't find any reindeer here, because those have already been taken care of.

Now, I noticed there were a few, um, let's call them "Scrooges" on the Thanksgiving version in the comments section. If you're gonna kick and scream about something a little off the wall and less serious, maybe drink a little or something to help lighten you up?

Or, if you wish to encounter serious baseball material, we have plenty of Hall of Fame stuff going on. It's Mike Piazza today in our ongoing series of unveiling our Hall of Fame candidate rankings one day at a time. Go check out the content and serious it up.

But if you are in the mood for a little fun with baseball names, proceed and let me know where I might have erred.

One last thing: We aren't putting guys on the field based upon playing ability. It's all in the name.

C -- Steve Christmas

In three different seasons in the 1980s, he amassed a whopping 39 plate appearances and posted the stellar line of .162/.179/.297, but Christmas brings miracles (the holiday, not the backstop), so we've finally found an All-Star team where he was a no-brainer pick. Congrats, Steve!

1B -- J.T. Snow

Sure-handed at first base, a history of saving batboys from certain injury and named after wintery precipitation, J.T. is a triple threat.

2B -- Jamey Carroll

Enjoyable for some, an annoyance for others, Christmas carolers are definitely part of the season.

3B -- Ron Santo

Close enough to "Santa," and a bonus is we get to imagine St. Nick doing heel-clicks.

SS -- Starlin Castro

It's the Christmas Star! Oh, wait, maybe it's not.

OF -- Matt Holliday

Just don't say Happy Hollidays to anyone, lest you be accused of taking part in the "War on Christmas."

OF -- David DeJesus

There's a bevy of "Jesus" derivatives from which to choose, but I needed another outfielder, so it's yet another Cubs entry on the list.

OF -- Lee Tinsley

Like Frank Costanza, I find tinsel distracting, but I guess it has a place here, considering this is an All-Christmas team, not an all-Festivus team (plus, we already covered Festivus).

DH -- Rob Deer

Yes, the reindeer are already covered, but this feels right -- I really just wanted to go with the immortal three-true-outcome player.

SP -- Michael Pineda

Unbelievably, this is just about the closest thing I could get to a Christmas tree (pine tree) and it's a stretch (others that were close and not necessarily pitchers: Joel Pineiro, Lou Piniella, Vada Pinson, etc.).

RP -- Al Clauss

There's a Santo, so we definitely need a Clauss.

Manager -- Whitey Herzog

The Hall of Fame skipper is dreaming of a White Christmas, I imagine.

Honorary umpire -- Mike Winters

Milton Bradley's best friend has a seasonal surname, so he merits inclusion here.

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