The Bobblehead Project: Birds get revenge on Big Unit

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During the course of a Giants-Diamondbacks spring-training game on March 24, 2001, the great Randy Johnson fired one of his blazing fastballs toward the plate. Said fastball, however, was intercepted midway to its destination by an unsuspecting bird in flight, and that bird of course meet a swift and feather-strewn demise.

Today, though, the birds, armed (winged?) with long-simmering grievances, get their revenge ...

Take that, Big Unit.

By way of video reminder, this was Johnson's above-referenced act of war against birdkind ...

And because of that, Mr. Johnson, in these electronic pages, is getting the Prometheus/Tippi Hedren treatment.

In light of this bobblehead's harrowing implications, perhaps Dave Winfield should begin sleeping with one eye open.

As always, big thanks to our artist, Jarod Valentin, for his continued amazing work on the Bobblehead Project.

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