The Braves and Nats scored many runs followed by a lot of runs

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Consider this your spring training line score of the day ... 

As you can see, the Braves and Nationals played a game of baseball and combined to score 31 runs on 37 hits. Oddities ... Of the 8 1/2 innings played, 4 1/2 were scoreless. Eight Braves have multi-hit games, and somehow no one on either side managed a home run. 

Spring training, as you can imagine, typically makes a hash of scorecards, but now fathom the Braves' half of the fifth via the following tweet, which was dispatched with scarcely concealed exasperation ... 

That fifth inning took longer than three Mark Buehrle complete games (note: possibly not true.)

In any event, Rare is the team who gives up 25 hits and commits five errors yet still wins. Expectations, you see, are still in preseason form.

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