As you may remember, Atlanta was hit with a rare snowstorm two years ago. The city was more or less shut down for a few days due to gridlock. A little snow sounds like no big deal, but they weren't equipped to deal with it, hence the gridlock.

Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman was among those stuck in the gridlock, so he enlisted former teammate Chipper Jones to pick him up on his four-wheeler. Here's the photo evidence:

Hey, it's good to have rich friends with nothing better to do than pick you up in the snow.

Anyway, this May the Braves will give away a "Chipper Rescues Freddie" bobblehead to commemorate the snow rescue. It's listed on the team's promotional schedule:

No photo or mockup of the bobblehead has been released yet, but I'm sure one is coming soon enough.

Pretty great idea by the market folks. Freeman's the best player on the team right now and Chipper's a Braves legend. It appeals to all ages. Just make sure you're one of the first 20,000 people in attendance.

Added bonus: movie night!