The Cubs are discouraging employees from selling their World Series rings

You might've heard by now that last fall the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. Recently the Cubs handed out their championship rings -- all 1,908 of them.

As part of the Cubs' ring-giving generosity, they're asking non-players to sign an agreement that would virtually eliminate recipients' ability to sell or transfer their rings. Here's more details, courtesy of ESPN

CHICAGO -- In an effort to discourage those within the organization from selling their World Series rings, the Chicago Cubs are asking non-players to sign an agreement giving the team the right to buy back the ring for $1.

The Chicago Sun Times acquired a copy of the memo, noting that the above terms are evergreen -- so even if the team permits a sale, it can always buy it back on subsequent attempts. On the bright side, the Cubs are reportedly okay with gifting the ring to someone else, and are helping cover the tax bill for the lower-level employees.

As the old saying goes, to the victors go the spoils -- and the fine-print stipulations concerning those spoils.  

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