The Cubs raffled off a diamond-studded World Series ring to a lucky lifelong fan

Remember back in April, how we learned that the Chicago Cubs had made it tougher for their employees to sell their World Series rings -- thus limiting the potential for fans to acquire a piece of history? Well, one lucky fan just landed a championship ring -- and it was courtesy of the team.

Geneine Dietz, a former Wrigley Field usher, was awarded a World Series ring after she won a ticket raffle. The raffle featured more than 25,000 entrants, yet Dietz won -- and did so with a ticket number of 001907, which is amusing, given that was the year the Cubs won their first World Series.

Anyway, the Cubs ran this promotion for a good cause: they raised more than a quarter of a million for Cubs Charities. Here's more about that program, courtesy the team release:

Cubs Charities harnesses the passion of Cubs fans to improve the lives of children and families across Chicago and beyond. Cubs Charities' goal is to provide increased access to sports opportunities and targets improvements in health, fitness and education for those at risk. Through grants to quality nonprofit programs, development of parks and baseball fields, and other community initiatives, the Cubs and Cubs Charities help fulfill a commitment to be the best in the game, on and off the field.

It's unclear whether Dietz had to sign a buy-back agreement similar to the one Cubs employees had to sign before receiving their rings. It's also unclear if Dietz would even consider selling her ring -- after all, the press release describes her as a "lifelong fan," and includes her saying that, "For generations to come, I know my family will take special care of the beautiful World Series Ring!"

Whatever the case, you can be sure there's a wealth of fans who wish they were in DIetz' shoes right about now.

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