Days after Marlins Man declared himself a free agent in the wake of a public dispute with the Marlins, oddsmakers are already taking bets on which MLB team the 61-year-old superfan will follow next.

And the Detroit Tigers, one of the teams Marlins Man has apparently already started "negotiating" with, are the overwhelming favorites to land the famous big-game attender.

Here's a complete list of odds for Marlins Man's 2018 team, as documented by, the online sportsbook:

Detroit Tigers: +150
Field (any other team): +550
Arizona Diamondbacks: +850
St. Louis Cardinals: +1000
New York Yankees: +2500
Miami Marlins: +3500
No team: -200

Marlins Man, whose real name is Laurence Leavy, is a North Miami Beach lawyer who rose to nationwide fame for his frequent appearance in bright orange Marlins gear at just about every prominent sporting event -- the World Series, Super Bowl, NBA Finals and Kentucky Derby, among others.

It was only after a feud with new Marlins management, including CEO Derek Jeter, that Leavy talked up rooting for a team other than the Marlins -- a feud that started over the team failing to meet demands for Leavy to ride in the Marlinsmobile and secure a favorable season-ticket deal.