You had to know there were two possible outcomes for the Diamondbacks and the quirky uniforms worn during the 2016 season. One, that they'd continue to wear the uniforms, thus standing out from the rest of the league for ... well, probably forever. The other, more likely route was that they'd conform with the rest of the league.

On Friday, we learned that the Diamondbacks will indeed be conforming. Here are the changes, per the Arizona Republic:

The gradient coloration that the team used at the bottom of their pants is gone, and the stripe up the side of the pants now extends to the waist rather than stopping mid-leg. The jersey tops also have more teal around the names and numbers, making them more visible.

Arizona's CEO Derrick Hall admitted that the Diamondbacks knew they'd be making these alterations about a month into the season, citing how the uniforms looked better on the computer screen than on the field. You would think the Diamondbacks would've seen the uniforms in person before signing off on them, but apparently something was lost in translation.

Anyway, the important thing here is the Diamondbacks will look more like a normal baseball team in 2017. You can check out some renderings and pics of the 2017 look here.