The Giants are on pace to make history, and that's good news and bad news

The Giants on Thursday night beat the Dodgers as they saw lefty Matt Moore come within one out of twirling a no-hitter. That win snapped a four-game losing streak. Despite that rare second-half win for the Giants, the following still applies ...

Indeed, the Giants before the All-Star break went 57-33, and since the festivities in San Diego they've gone 12-25. Stated another way, they've seen their winning percentage drop by more than 300 points (.633 to .324). Sure, you might expect the Giants to step back a bit after that first-half pace, but to crater to this extent? Highly unexpected. As noted above, no team has ever pulled this off before.

In the first half of this season, the Giants topped the Cubs by three games in the race for best record. In the second half, the Giants presently maintain a 2 1/2-game "lead" over the Padres for worst record since the break. The Diamondbacks, meantime, have the third-worst record in the second half, so the NL West isn't exactly covering itself in glory over that span. The Giants still have seven head-to-head games against the Padres left on the schedule, so the forces of history are surely hoping they lose most of those.

As for what's gone wrong, it's been a broad-based collapse in San Francisco ...

2016 Giants' split/stat
Runs scored/game Runs allowed/game
First half
4.71 3.90
Second half
3.81 4.49

Give up more runs while scoring fewer of same, and you'll get worse.

That said, the Giants will enter play Friday night in possession of the top wild-card spot in the NL, so despite the depths they've reached since mid-July, they remain in line for a postseason berth. They're also in line for a dose of weird baseball history.

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