The Indians' amazing 22-game winning streak by the numbers

On Friday night, the Indians lost a close one to the Royals, and as a result their 22-game win streak came to an end. It's the longest winning streak in American League history, and depending upon how you feel about the Giants 27-game unbeaten streak in 1916 (we debated that very topic) it might be the longest in MLB history. In either case, the Tribe's roll is something to celebrate. So let's do that, by the numbers ... 

  • .306/.385/.552 -- What the Indians as a team batted during the streak. 
  • .208/.251/.289 -- What the Indians' opponents batted during the streak. 
  • 1.58 -- The Indians' team ERA during the streak. 
  • 41 -- How many home runs the Indians hit during the streak. 
  • 37 -- How many total runs the Indians allowed during the streak. 
  • 102 -- How many extra-base hits the Indians racked up during the streak. 
  • 35 -- How many extra-base hits the Indians' pitchers allowed during the streak. 
  • Plus-105 -- The Indians' run differential during the streak. 
  • 31-5 -- The Indians' record since Aug. 11. 
  • .600 -- The second-place Twins' winning percentage during the Indians' streak. 
  • 9 -- How many games the Twins lost in the AL Central standings during the Indians' streak. 
  • 3 -- How many times Jose Ramirez struck out during the streak. 
  • 20 -- How many extra-base hits Ramirez tallied during the streak. 
  • .811 -- Roberto Perez's SLG during the streak. 
  • 69 -- Corey Kluber's strikeouts during the streak plus Carlos Carrasco's strikeouts during the streak. 
  • 3 -- Kluber's walks during the streak plus Carrasco's walk during the streak. 
  • 1 -- Innings pitched by Andrew Miller during the streak. 
  • 0 -- Games played by Michael Brantley during the streak. 
  • 0 -- Games played by Jason Kipnis during the streak. 
  • 1 -- Starts made by Danny Salazar during the streak. 
  • 6 -- The most runs allowed in a game by the Indians during the streak. 
  • 7 -- Number of times the Indians shut out an opponent during the streak. 
  • 18 -- The number you get when you subtract the 2017 Indians' longest losing streak from their longest winning streak. 
  • 8.03 -- The Indians' chances of winning the World Series, per SportsLine, just before the streak began
  • 19.77 -- The Indians' chances of winning the World Series, per SportsLine, during the latter days of the streak
  • 89 -- How many wins the Indians' were on pace for just before the streak began. 
  • 100 -- How many wins Indians are now on pace for. 
  • 1 -- Number of standing ovations the Indians received following their loss to the Royals on Sept. 15 ... 

Thanks for the ride, Tribe.

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