The latest Manny Machado comparison is to . . . Ty Cobb?

When I wrote about Manny Machado this week, I said that he grew up wanting to be Alex Rodriguez but that his teammates think the way that he goes about things is more reminiscent of Derek Jeter.

I quoted Orioles Hall of Famer Jim Palmer as saying, "I look at him playing third and see what Cal [Ripken] would have been if Earl [Weaver] had moved him to third when he was young."

And now there's this:

Machado went 3 for 4 (all doubles) in the Orioles' 12-6 loss in Toronto on Thursday night. It was his fourth straight road game with three hits.

The Orioles asked the Elias Sports Bureau the most recent time that someone 20 or younger had done that (Machado is 20). The answer was Ty Cobb, in 1907. Cobb had a five-game streak, lasting from Sept. 30 to Oct. 3.

Cobb was also 20, a few weeks younger than Machado is now.

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