The Nationals' 2013 GCL affiliate was really, really good at baseball

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For your measured consideration, the rookie-level Gulf Coast League East Division standings for 2013 ... 

In case the key takeaway eluded you just now, here are those same standings, but this time with helpful visual aids included ... 

Now and only now you'll notice that the Nationals' GCL minor-league affiliate topped the loop with a record of 49-9. Once more: They went went 49-9, which is good for a winning percentage of .845, which translates to 137 wins across a 162-game major-league season. And the people say: Cat! Lightning! Fire!

Needless to say, the Nats swept their way to the GCL championship, and, as notes, they also set the all-time record for winning percentage by a U.S.-based rookie-level or short-season-league club. Along the way, they paced the league in runs scored and posted a team ERA of 2.45. Yes, a team ERA of 2.45. In other words, they had something a close to a staff full of Matt Harveys and Zack Greinkes, at least relative to their GCL peers. 

You see, there are champions, and then there are Supreme Allied Commander Lord Humongous Super Champions. The 2013 GCL Nationals are an example of the latter.

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