The Washington Nationals continued the tradition of DC sports teams celebrating a championship with copious amounts of alcohol. At least, that's what Nats pitcher Patrick Corbin said Tuesday.

The lefty hosted an Ask Me Anything on Bleacher Report and responded to what the first thing he did after winning the World Series.

"We definitely celebrated," Corbin replied. "We got kicked out of the hotel bar, so we found another bar that we were at until 7 a.m. That was a blast. The next day was Halloween. We chartered back in the morning to D.C. and got to hand out candy to the kids, but we were all in rough shape."

Few things evoke a more hilarious image than the thought of a hungover man still in his World Series Champion t-shirt handing out candy bars to kids with confused parents standing behind them. Being too rowdy for a hotel bar, meanwhile, continues the pace the Washington Capitals set when they celebrated their Stanley Cup championship in the summer of 2018.

In fact, the Nationals even took their celebrations to a Capitals game as a tribute to the hockey players' boozy antics.

Of course, who could blame them? They only won the franchise's first World Series by beating a team recently busted for one of the biggest cheating scandals in MLB history. That's certainly a reason to celebrate heavily.