The San Diego Padres faced a rare problem on Sunday before their game against the San Francisco Giants at AT&T Park: The team bus didn't show up to take them to the last game of the series. Since surge rates on Uber must have been absolutely ridiculous, the Padres had to find a different way to get to the ballpark.

Luckily, they did, and it gave them the full Bay Area experience.

The Padres went to the bullpen and hailed a double-decker bus to take them to the park. It may not be the digs that they're used to, but it still doesn't look so bad.

The Padres reportedly negotiated a rate with the driver, who must have had a hard time not pointing out the sights along the way.

It's a bizarre situation for an MLB team, but it must have been nice to be tourists on a business trip for a change. The Padres would go on to lose 3-2 to the Giants in 11 innings on a walkoff Hunter Pence hit. However, in terms of arrivals, they knocked it out of the park.