The Phillies' High-A affiliate is possibly not good at baseball

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Apropos of nothing save the sport that binds us, let it be said that the 2014 Clearwater Threshers, Florida State League affiliate of the Phillies, are not having a good season. 

First, here's this tweet from Daren Willman, proprietor of the most excellent Baseball Savant ... 

I prefer not to deal in certainties, but I am hereby certain that getting out-scored by one's opposition by a margin of 188 runs in 101 games is a sign that good baseball is not being played, at least by you (wherein "you" are the 2014 Clearwater Threshers). 

In a very much related matter, the Threshers are 31-70 on the season. Scaled out to a major-league schedule of 162 games, that would come to a grim mark of 50-112. Not optimal! Those 31 wins are right in line with what they deserve based on run differential, so it's not as though the Threshers have been particularly unlucky this season, at least on the run-scoring/run-prevention level. 

Related aside: On Tuesday, April 22, they lost 18-5!; The following Tuesday, they lost 20-0!

Anyhow, as a team the Threshers are batting .231/.287/.344. In approximate terms, this would be like a major-league team fielding a lineup full of Willie Bloomquists, which is not something teams should endeavor to do. 

As for the pitching, here, courtesy of Baseball-Reference's 2014 Clearwater Thresher's page, is the team's innings leaders for this season ... 

The best ERA to be found among those innings leaders is 5.05, and let it be known that the FSL is generally a pitcher's league. To be sure, the pitchers of the 2014 Clearwater Threshers have in part suffered because they've been unable to face the hitters of the 2014 Clearwater Threshers. 

No doubt, there's at least a handful of future big-leaguers peppering the Thresher's roster at the moment, but on a team level things aren't going swimmingly in 2014. 

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