The Phillies won't stop their pursuit of Manny Machado after adding Jean Segura

As part of the Mariners drastic teardown, All-Star shortstop Jean Segura was sent to the Phillies this week. The Phillies infield appears to be full at the moment. 

1B: Rhys Hoskins (a benefit of moving Carlos Santana is getting Hoskins out of the outfield)
2B: Cesar Hernandez
SS: Jean Segura
3B: Maikel Franco

Scott Kingery can be a utility backup. 

The Phillies could conceivably head to 2019 with this infield and contend. It is not, however, untouchable with regard to the team's reported pursuit of high-profile free agent Manny Machado

Franco, 26, is coming off a season in which he hit .270/.314/.467 (106 OPS+) with 22 homers and 68 RBI in 131 games. In 533 career games, he's hit .252/.303/.435 (96 OPS+). Sending him to the bench wouldn't be a terrible idea. Hernandez, also, shouldn't be untouchable. He hit .253/.356/.362 with a 1.4 WAR in 161 games last season. 

Machado has said multiple times on record he wants to remain at shortstop. If this is truly a sticking point, the Phillies could shift Segura back to second base. He played second in 2016 for the Diamondbacks and rated out as adequate via defensive runs saved (exactly zero). He could be passable there, in all likelihood. 

If the Phillies did go with Segura at second and Machado at short, Franco remains at third. Hernandez has 184 1/3 big-league innings at third base as well. 

If the Phillies could convince Machado it is in the best interest of both the team and Machado for him to play third base, that's the best course of action from a defensive point of view. Segura then stays at short and Hernandez can play second. Franco is then either a backup at both corners and a bench bat or a trade candidate. 

There are plenty of options, but the bottom line is that there is absolutely room for Machado on this ballclub and in no way does trading for Jean Segura take a Manny Machado off the table. With as much money as the Phillies have to spend, nothing is off the table this offseason. 

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