This season, the Staten Island Yankees will have a new name and a new look for Saturday home games. The team is rebranding as the Staten Island Pizza Rats, they announced Monday.

Check it out:

Those hats is pretty damn cool if you ask me. As a native New Yorker, I would totally wear the NYC hat with a slice of pizza as the Y.

You may recall that, two years ago, the Staten Island Yankees held a fan vote to determine their new nickname. Pizza Rats was one of five options, along with the Bridge Trolls, the Heroes, the Killer Bees, and the Rock Pigeons. Pizza Rats won the fan vote! But the team to this point has resisted the name change because, well, Pizza Rats sounds kinda gross.

What is a Pizza Rat, you ask? Let this old school viral video explain:

Look, that rat is just dragging a slice of pizza down into the sewer to feed his four turtles. I'm not sure why everyone freaked out.

Anyway, the Staten Island Yankees are a low level minor league affiliate of the major league team by the same name. They play an abbreviated schedule that begins Friday, June 15, and runs until Monday, September 3.