The Yankees and Mets are taking shots at each other over recent trade negotiations

Things are getting a little testy between the two New York teams.

The Yankees and Mets, despite playing in different leagues and sitting in different places in the standings, have spent the last 24 hours trading barbs through the media. It all started with Wednesday night's Jay Bruce trade, which sent Bruce to the Indians, not the Bronx.

Soon after the trade was announced, the following was reported by multiple reporters:

So soon after Bruce was traded to the Indians, word got out the Yankees offered two prospects and agreed to take on some of Bruce's remaining salary, but a deal didn't get done? That sounds like a leak from a Yankees official not very happy they were unable to finalize a trade for Bruce. The Yankees have struggled to score runs the last few weeks and his lefty pop would fit well in their lineup, especially with designated hitter Matt Holliday on the disabled list.

The Yankees presumably leaked the news of their offer to make the Mets look bad, and if so, it worked. The Mets were roundly ripped for being cheap -- they chose a full salary dump and a fringe prospect over a partial salary dump and two prospects -- by fans and the media Thursday.

There's also the pettiness aspect to this too. Some may think they didn't want to trade with the Yankees because Bruce might help their crosstown rivals win. That's not necessarily true, but it is an easy narrative to build.

Thursday afternoon, the Mets shot back at the Yankees. Through the media, of course. To wit:

The Yankees sold for the first time in nearly three decades at the trade deadline last year. They traded away Andrew Miller, Aroldis Chapman, Carlos Beltran, and Ivan Nova in separate deals for a boatload of prospects. All except Beltran would have been useful to the Mets, who went to the postseason but lost in the NL Wild Card Game.

But wait! It doesn't stop there. Soon after those remarks became public, word got out the Yankees and Mets discussed a Neil Walker trade prior to the deadline, but the Yankees backed out over medical concerns. Or so they claimed, anyway:

Hmmm. Walker missed roughly six weeks with a hamstring injury and was activated off the disabled list just a few days before the trade deadline. He also had back surgery last year. I suppose it's not completely far-fetched that the Yankees didn't like something in his medicals, the same way it's not far-fetched that the Mets preferred full relief of Bruce's salary to partial relief plus whatever prospects the Yankees offered.

To recap, here's how this all has played out the last 24 hours or so:

  1. Mets trade Bruce to the Indians.
  2. Yankees presumably leak that they offered the Mets two prospects and partial salary relief.
  3. Mets fire back saying the Yankees didn't offer anything special.
  4. Mets add that they had a Walker deal in place, but the Yankees might have backed out after getting Sonny Gray.

What does this all accomplish? Nothing, really. Just some silly post-trade deadline entertainment from two geographic rivals. The Yankees and Mets haven't made a notable trade since the December 2004 (Felix Heredia for Mike Stanton) and there's no reason to think that'll change anytime soon.

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