'There goes Sue with the nacho pot': 1980s Metrodome training videos

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If you do nothing else today -- and, let's be honest, you won't do anything else today -- watch this five-minute video that instructs the 1980s-era Metrodome concessions worker on the finer points of the craft. 

Bear scarcely worthy witness:

Did they show a clip of an Oilers-Saints game? I think they showed a clip of an Oilers-Saints game. 

Anyhow, here's a non-exhaustive list of representative words, phrases and in some cases full subject-predicate pairings uttered during the Betamax video above:

- "Champions of beer and hot dogs"

- "You'll enter the dome through the loading dock entrance"

- "A smock"

- "Hot spills"

- "Precision team"

- "Coming away from the sinks with determined looks on their faces"

And, finally and most resplendently:

On this day, know hope: For there is a Part 2:

In triumphant conclusion:

Go forth and tell the people what you have seen on this day.

(Wink of CBS eye: @FSNtylermason)

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