Three-year-old Marlins Park leaks during rainstorm

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Marlins Park has been the shiny new toy for Jeffrey Loria and his Marlins since opening for the 2012 season. The best part is they didn't even have to pay for it, as the entire bill has been footed by taxpayers (against their will, as no public vote was ever held).

And it leaks.

From the Sun Sentinel:

The water was observed dropping from the roof onto section 1, and also dropping from section 201 onto section 1. On a couple of occasions, water sprayed from the 300 levels onto sections 1 and 2. Initially, there were occasional drips from the roof during the bottom of the seventh inning, and the flow gained in intensity before abating in the ninth.

A stadium worker assessing the situation told the wet fans that it was the first time such a malfunction had occurred.

Here's video of the leakage:

Good thing they never sell out, so the people in those particular seats can just move.

Billions of dollars in public funding and it's already leaking. It sounds like the best solution is to hit up the taxpayers for more money.

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