Tidbit of the day: Ernie Banks performed Sean Marshall's wedding ceremony

Ernie Banks

Here's my million dollar idea, and here I am giving it up for free -- but Tom Ricketts, if you do this, I want a little kickback. Anyway -- Wrigley Field Wedding Chapel. With Ernie Banks.

The Hall of Famer, it turns out, is an ordained minister and has already performed a wedding ceremony for one former Cub, Reds reliever Sean Marshall.

From MLB.com's Mark Sheldon:
When Marshall and his wife, Sarah, were married, the ceremony was peformed by “Mr. Cub” and Hall of Famer Ernie Banks.

“He’s a good man,” Marshall said. “We were on a vacation with this Cubs trip a couple of years ago. He said ‘when are you two going to get married?’ I said ‘I don’t know.’ He said ‘I can marry you. I’m a certified minister.’ I said ‘bring it on.’ So he lived up to the hype. We waited a year and a half. Ernie is all about weddings.”
I know some Cub fans who would get a divorce just so they could get re-married by Mr. Cub. This needs to happen.

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