Tigers set to unveil new bullpen cart Friday, and you're going to want to see the design

The 2018 season has occasioned the return of the bullpen cart to Major League Baseball. The next team to join this very belated party? It's the Detroit Tigers. 

On Friday night against Yankees at Comerica Park, the Tigers -- barring the unlikely event of a Mike Fiers complete game -- will unveil their new bullpen cart. The two carts are sponsored by MotorCity Casino Hotel. Now here's a first look ... 

Courtesy of Detroit Tigers

And ... 

Courtesy of Detroit Tigers  

And ... 

Courtesy of Detroit Tigers  

So those are pretty cool. White-wall tires? Flame detailing on the front end? Very nice, and of course evocative of Detroit automobile culture and history. 

Starting Friday night, the carts will be used during all mid-inning pitching changes. Relievers will (unfortunately) have a choice as to whether to ride in the cart. This lamentable exercise in freedom has led to the Diamondbacks' bullpen cart being woefully underutilized this season.

The good news in Motown is that if a player opts not to use the cart, then his jacket will be conveyed from the bullpen to the dugout via one of the carts you see above. In pre-cart days, that was a duty usually performed by the ballboy/ballgirl. Now, though, jacket and or pitcher will be ushered in extreme luxury, all without the inconvenience of walking.

Detroit Tigers, you have done well. 

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