We're biased, but we happen to think CBS Sports NFL analyst Tony Romo is one of the best at his job. Part of Romo's charm is his clear love of the sport he covers, as well as his ability to dissect formations and predict plays before they happen. It's a neat parlor trick -- one that translates well to television. Clearly we aren't the only ones who think so, either.

On Sunday, free-agent outfielder Bryce Harper tweeted that he needs to ask Romo, who will be calling Super Bowl LIII between the Patriots and the Rams (stream it right here on CBSSports.com), who he'll be playing for next season:

If we had to guess, Romo would probably say Harper will wind up with the Philadelphia Phillies -- and it would be one of his easier reads. But given his Texas ties, the former Cowboys quarterback went with the Texas Rangers.

Harper, 26, hasn't been met with the same interest that most envisioned heading into the winter. The Phillies top what seems like a short list of suitors, with the Washington Nationals being the other team he's been connected to most frequently. The long-rumored interest from the Chicago Cubs appears to have been shortcut by their ownership's unwillingness to add more payroll, while no other known party has emerged as a serious contender.

Things can change, of course, but with less than a month until pitchers and catchers report, it's fair to write that this offseason has been one big disappointment -- for us, and for Harper.