Torii Hunter was less than pleased with Boston's bullpen cop

By now, a day later, you know the story, and almost assuredly, you’ve seen the image. 

That of Boston Police officer Steve Horgan -- arms raised with his beard in full bloom (yes, a nod to the Red Sox) -- following David Ortiz’s eighth-inning grand slam on Sunday night. Horgan’s a 27-year veteran, handling bullpen cop duties for the first time this season.

And for just a moment on Sunday night, he let himself become a fan, eschewing his responsibilities, to you know, serve and protect. Predictably, Torii Hunter, who went all-out for the ball and nearly snagged it, wasn’t thrilled with how Horgan responded. In fairness, Horgan did eventually wave his hand for assistance.

Hunter had the wind knocked out of him and apparently drew some blood on the back of his head for his efforts. Asked how close he was to catching what would've been the enduring image of the ALCS, Hunter said, "I don't remember. I went up, lost it in the lights for a second, tried to give a last effort, and next thing you know I was flipping over the fence." 

As if he hadn't already provided a trove of soundbites, Hunter offered one final revealing quote: 

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