Toys 'R' Us reduces price of A-Rod figurines from $15.99 to $1.00

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Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez is looking on in mounting contempt as the arbitration hearing that will determine whether his 211-game, Biogenesis-related suspension stands proceeds without him. In a surely related matter, the invisible hand of the market just gave Mr. Rodriguez a noogie ... 

That, page viewers, is an A-Rod figurine available in exhange for redeemable U.S. currency at Toys "R" Us action retailers, and that figurine -- cocked arm, resolute countenance, soiled breeches and all -- has been subjected to a punishing 93.7 percent discount. You see, in the business world sometimes demand grabs supply by the lapels and beats him with a claw hammer. That's what appears to be happening in this instance. 

As always, when adults misbehave, it's the durable-good profit margins that suffer the most. 

(Wink of CBS eye: Reddit Baseball)

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