Trevor Bauer had a rough night on Monday, but it wasn't just because of his performance against the Chicago White Sox, in which the Cleveland Indians right-hander allowed a career-high eight runs in a 9-1 loss at home.

The former All-Star revealed Tuesday via Twitter that he received numerous death threats through his Instagram account following the game.

"I really hope you and your family die in a car crash," one person messaged him. "Please f------ die. Please. I beg you."

The comment was just one of several shared by Bauer, who publicly asked Instagram whether it condones this type of behavior since he was unable to report the messages. It drew a response from other Twitter users, many of whom came to the pitcher's support and called the Instagram comments "vile" and "completely heinous." One user even offered to donate to a mental health organization of Bauer's choice "so people like this have a healthier outlet."

Bauer's outing featured the most earned runs (7) he's allowed in his entire MLB career. It comes just a month after he gave up no hits through seven innings against the Toronto Blue Jays. He is 4-2 this season with a 3.42 ERA.

This isn't the first time a MLB player has encountered online threats from "fans." Back in 2014, the league acknowledged death threats made over Twitter against then-Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Khris Davis.